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Travel Adventures: Cincinnati

My fiancé Adam and I escaped the intense desert heat this past week and had a six day vacation in Ohio's Queen City! Cincinnati is Adam's hometown as well as where we met four years ago, and no matter where else we live, it truly will always feel like home to us.

We were able to catch up with many friends, see a Reds game, visit with Adam's family, and attend the wedding of two of our friends downtown.

I also got to enjoy brunch downtown before the wedding at one of our favorite restaurants, the Sleepy Bee Cafe:

I enjoyed an oatmilk cappuccino and a seasonal favorite, Ember Avocado Toast

I debated bringing my clarinets with me for this long trip, but since this was me and Adam's vacation for the end of summer I'm glad that I ended up leaving them in Tucson. I did bring my binder of excerpts and got in a decent amount of mental practice, but otherwise it was meaningful for us to live in the moment and stay present as we visited family and friends.

Unfortunately, I caught a head cold from all of the travel back, so for the next three weeks leading up to my audition I need to focus on returning to healthy eating and exercise, getting a lot of rest, and achieving as much focus as I can in my practice.

To boost my immune system, I made my mom's minestrone soup the day we got back to Tucson. A big steaming bowl of comfort food from my childhood was definitely the best remedy for feeling under the weather!

Of course, I forgot to snap a picture, but I did get one of my homemade tempeh bacon which I made the next morning:

Homemade tempeh bacon

Not going to lie, my rest also includes lying on the couch snuggled in a blanket, drinking tea and watching The Great British Bakeoff on Netflix :)

Next week I will talk more about how my audition preparation process has evolved as the big day gets closer!

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