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Hand Pull-ups and Yin Yoga

I'm back to my practice schedule! 30 minutes a day this week, increasing by 5 minutes when I feel comfortable. Every day, I do all of my OT exercises I learned from my therapist, which basically involves playing with Silly Putty and doing cute hand pull-ups:

Then I go through about 15 minutes of stretching my neck, upper back, and wrists. After I complete my physical practice session, I do more stretching and then ice. If anything is achy or tingly, I'll take an Aleve to help with inflammation. And to make up for my restricted physical practice time, I do at least an equal amount of mental practice and listening, if not more. Things are looking up!

Another type of therapy I use to control my stress and keep my body healthy is yin yoga. I discovered this type of yoga through "Yoga with Kassandra" on YouTube. Here is one of her longer videos which I used earlier this week:

Yoga that involves centering your thoughts and sitting in relaxed poses for minutes at a time? Sign me up!

But seriously, Kassandra's yin yoga videos will enable you to quiet the crazy in your mind while also stretching your ligaments more deeply than you knew possible. And for someone with wrist issues, there are almost no poses that involve supporting yourself on your hands, since the positions are meant to require as little physical effort as possible. Again, SIGN ME UP!

Finally, you already know from last week that food is a big part of my life, and yesterday I got to try the new August Rhodes Market that Prep and Pastry just opened on Campbell. The decor includes plenty of brightness and greenery to compliment the fresh, colorful food options. I got the tofu banh mi sandwich with a side cabbage salad. The portions were large for the $10 price, and prickly pear kombucha was a drink option--yes please!

Good company is just as important as good food, and getting to catch up with my friend Diana who runs her own voice studio here in Tucson was wonderful. Having friends and colleagues who inspire and motivate you--and who you can hopefully do the same for--is so important, especially as an artist. A lot of our work can be isolating and cause us to get caught up in our heads, but some mindfulness, amazing eats, and chatting with friends can help to balance it all out.

Here's to another week of staying healthy and positive!

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