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I had a carpal tunnel flare up this past week, so I had to set my clarinet aside for six days until my wrist discomfort went away. Not what you want when preparing for an audition! To keep sane, I made sure to continue healthy habits that bring me joy and confidence, including lifting weights and cooking delicious food.

Lifting weights helps my wrist circulation, alleviates discomfort, and strengthens my forearm muscles. Plus, my shaken confidence in the practice room is overshadowed by a continued reassurance that I am strong, I am motivated, and I never ever give up!

Most importantly, I just got my first pair of knee wraps, and they look super cute with my squat shoes:


Letting my body heal and grow stronger also means eating well! One of my Year of Adventure goals was to make a meal not using any recipes, and my lunch today came pretty close thanks to Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat.

Chickpeas, bacon, sliced beets, scoops of avocado, and a homemade lime vinaigrette

This lime vinaigrette is insanely simple and has been amazing on three different salads I put together this past week. Also, the concept of pre-cooked, pre-peeled beets available in the produce section at the grocery store is genius! I honestly wouldn't have tried beets otherwise.

For dinner, I am making one of the ultimate comfort foods from my undergraduate, and it involves all of these flavors:

Any guesses what dish it is? Comment below!

In the end, one positive habit leads to another, and these seemingly small actions have a big impact when a major aspect of your life feels temporarily derailed.

My current goal is to be able to play this audition pain free, and my ultimate goal is to continue to play as a healthy musician for my whole life. That means that when pain crops up, I take a step back, and when my body says its ready, I jump right back into the game. Dealing with an injury doesn't ever get "easy," but it can be an opportunity to appreciate the other enriching aspects of your life.

Here's to a new week of smart practicing and healthy habits!

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