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First post!

Hi and welcome to my blog! You know, I've tried to write this post a bunch of times and keep getting stuck, so let's keep it simple:

  • My name is Rosemary

  • I am a music instructor in Tucson, Arizona

  • I play clarinet and piano

  • This is Bud, my life mascot:

Such a good boy

Starting this blog is a continuation of my theme for 2019: Adventure! The idea of a theme for the new year came from "happiness guru" Gretchen Rubin and her podcast Happier. Go ahead and give it a listen:

My Year of Adventure has led to an assortment of new experiences: trying contact lenses, getting my first pedicure (yes it took me 25 years no judgement please), learning how to cook WITHOUT RECIPES. Now my next adventure is preparing for my first live professional orchestra audition!

When your La Croix matches your binder #getonmylevel

So far audition prep has been a lot of combing through scores, listening to recordings, and writing down observations. Not glamorous, until you add some La Croix and mini cacti.

By the way, you should definitely look up a recording of Shostakovich Symphony No. 10, it's as metal as classical music gets. Even better, watch Beyoncé dance along to it:

And I think that's a great note to end on.

More adventure updates next week!

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